Give It Up For Lasagna

After eating it last week then talking about it so much I haven't been able to get lasagna off my mind. I'm sure that has a lot to do with my pregnancy stomach, but all week I've wanted more lasagna!

So what do I do?

Last night I broke down and made lasagna. I actually ended up making two different lasagnas, and now I have so much leftover I can't fit it all in the freezer. I tried to give some of it away, but so far I haven't found anyone who wants it. Of course asking people if they'd like a hot meal during the hottest part of the day might have something to do with that, so I've put Hubby to work eating it today.

He's going to be so sick of lasagna he's never going to want to eat it again! He had it for breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack, and the house has smelled like reheated lasagna all day. He's going to need diet pills to make up for the baked goodness, and I'm going to need to burn a tart to get rid of the smell before it starts making me sick.

Just because my stomach is already kind of icky today I don't think I'm going to chance burning any of these new tarts I haven't tried. I think I'll break open the Gardenia Soy Wax Melts I have from Things That Make Scents. They've been on my desk for a few days, and they smell so wonderful! Maybe that's just what I need to get the lasagna off my mind for least until dinner time!

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