Father's Day '09

First of all Happy late Father's Day to all the dads out there. I didn't get to spend much time with mine today, but I'll be making up for it by spending a good bit of the day with him tomorrow. We did spend a good bit of time with Hubby's dad today, and I have to thank my wonderful sis-in-law for the awesome lasagna dinner she made. Of course the chocolate cake with caramel and cream cheese icing was a big hit with me as well.

Then again, anything related to food is a big hit with me right now. That's probably why I'm absolutely loving this Rootbeer soy wax tart that's sitting on my desk right now, but we'll be discussing that one later.

Anywho back to the Father's Day stuff. After finding out on Friday that Hubby's job just went from he'll be laid off for 5 weeks to he'll be laid off indefinitely, we decided it was probably best if we didn't spend money on Father's Day presents this year. Things are going to be extremely tight around here until Hubby finds a new job.

Hubby's Dad wants a motorcycle jack so he can stop renting one every time he needs to change a tire, so hopefully we can get him one for Christmas instead. I had planned to grab my Dad a gift certificate to Tractor Supply, but that's out of the question now as well. Instead I'm going to cook dinner for each of them on whatever night is good for them. My Dad chose tomorrow night, and we'll probably take care of Hubby's Dad next weekend since my sis-in-law cooked dinner tonight.

Honestly I can't wait until next year because I can't wait for Hubby to have his first father's day. Of course people were wishing him Happy Father's Day today, and he kept responding with "Thank you, but it won't be real until I have that giggling baby in my arms". I can't help but imagine what it's going to be like when that time comes, and I can't wait!

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