A New Batch Of Teas

What's worse than wanting a nice cup of herbal tea only to find out you have ran out?  How about knowing you just received a fresh batch of awesome herbal teas from SBS Teas, but you're not allowed to sample any of them! 

One thing I do miss during pregnancy is a nice cup of tea, especially if it's one of my favorite SBS Tea blends.  Unfortunately via doctor's orders the herbal stuff and specialty teas, except for one approved chamomile, must be stashed away until after this little one arrives because some herbs are known to induce labor. 

Normally I wouldn't have such a hard time staying away from a cup of hot tea in the summer time, but I've been craving the stuff!  I've especially wanted the Rooibos Blueberry Cream, but I'm staying away and playing good girl for awhile.

That leads me to my dilemma though.  How am I to review these 3 new teas I've just received if I'm not allowed to drink them?  Do I need to go the same way of the diet pill reviews my sister is guest writing for us? I think I might just have to round up a few friends who are willing to sip a hot cup of tea in the heat of this southern summer.  I may just have a little tea party!

Now as for the tea they'll get to sample, this month I received one green tea I'm dieing to try, Long Island Strawberry Green Tea, as well as a nice Blueberry Black Tea that smells wonderful, and Kama Sutra Chai.  The last one definitely peaked my interest, but we'll just have to wait until this little munchkin arrives for me to give it a try.

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