Back To Nesting

Robin Eggs are really Blue.

I don't know if I'm in cleaning/de-clutter mode again or if I'm nesting like crazy, but I found myself going through the house this morning getting rid of stuff like crazy again.  I never really thought pregnant women nested this early in the game.  I thought nesting was what you do when you start scrubbing the kitchen floor with a toothbrush hours before going into labor, but I guess I was wrong!

I've also noticed the farther my pregnancy progresses the more likely I am to get rid of something I previously decided to keep.  Last month I packed all of our extra Mp3 players in a box with other electronics we don't use anymore including an extra VCR.  I justified it by saying we'd have extras if something happened to the ones we do use.  Now I just want to get rid of it all!  We don't need this stuff taking up space we'll need to store baby stuff.

Why are we even using a VCR anyway?  I think the only video I haven't converted to dvd yet is our wedding video, and I seriously need to do that soon before something ends up happening to the tape.  Anywho, that's something to worry about another day.  Right now I have to run errands, grab some groceries, pay the truck taxes since they're due tomorrow and all that good stuff.