My computer is screaming at me tonight wondering why I just woke it up from such a long and wonderful sleep. My pc is hardly ever turned off unless we're on vacation, but lately it has found itself with plenty of time to rest. I've been so busy I honestly haven't even turned my pc on in 5 days, and that is totally unlike me. I've posted a couple times from my cell phone to Twitter or Facebook, and I did find time to sit down for about 2 minutes at Hubby's desk to knock out a post, but that's about it.

I look at how little time I've had this week to get online, and I have to wonder what it's going to be like when the baby gets here. My life is definitely changing in every way possible. Speaking of babies, I'm super excited right now. One of the only reasons I'm still up this late tonight is because I'm too excited to sleep. One of our best friends is expecting her baby any minute now, and after today's exam the doc says she could go at any minute. The doc feels like she won't make it more than 24 hours, so hopefully we'll have a new addition to our circle within the next day!

Mama to be was hoping we could go shopping tomorrow to spend some of the gift cards she picked up at her last baby shower, but now I doubt she'll be going anywhere other than the hospital. Yay! I'm so excited, but this also means even less time for me to spend at the pc.


I do promise I'm not abandoning you all. I will make it back here as soon as I possibly can...and maybe with pictures of a little pinky squirming baby.

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