Nursery Furniture Deal

Although some may say it's too soon to be buying baby stuff (aka we're not out of the first trimester yet) we've gone ahead and jumped on the shopping bandwagon. Actually I've been baby shopping for months thanks to all the babies that are entering the world all around us, but now I get to keep shopping for myself!

I know I shouldn't buy much at all right now because there are 2 future Grandmas who are very excited and on a shopping binge of their own, 1 very excited Great Grandma to be who's buying every cute baby item she spots, and there will be showers and other family and friends buying gifts.

I promise I'm not buying like crazy, but I have bought 1 little outfit, and this weekend we picked up our nursery furniture. Normally I would probably have waited a few months to buy the furniture, but I just couldn't pass up this deal. One of my Mom's work friends passed on the info that her daughter was selling a fisher price crib with changing table and dresser for $200. The set was practically brand new, only used 3 times by her son before they placed him in a bassinet.

I grabbed the model number, made sure their weren't any recalls on the crib, and then we drove to Georgia to check it out Friday. We ended up coming home with it Friday night. I just couldn't pass up that deal considering the light oak color is exactly what I want, the set has TONS of storage, and we'd be lucky to find a crib for $200, let alone a whole set.

I'll take photos once I get everything setup in the nursery. Right now the furniture is shoved into a corner in my office until I figure out exactly what room I want to use as the nursery. I'm not sure if I want to use the guest room or if I want to convert the small den off our bedroom to a nursery for now. We've got plenty of time to figure that out, and the furniture is out of the way in my office.

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