Oh Well

Last night Hubby told me what he'd been planning to do for me for Valentine's Day. He told me because he's been dropping hints for months about possibly going away for the weekend since Valentine's Day and his birthday are only 2 days apart. Unfortunately our financial situation isn't allowing for a trip right now, so he went ahead and told me just in case I'd figured out his plans.

The hints he was dropping made me think he was wanting to go to Gatlinburg since he wanted to go there for our anniversary, but I begged to go to the beach instead. Boy was I off. He was planning on going to the Outer Banks. We've both talked about checking out Outer Banks rentals and maybe planning a trip there because I think the area is so beautiful. That's what he had planned to surprise me with, but now we just can't afford to do it. Oh well. Maybe we can do it next year.

A lot of people probably think we're nuts for even thinking about spending our cash on a trip right now with the economy in such a bad shape. Honestly, I think now would be the best time to go just because you can get such great deals because businesses are suffering and dropping prices.

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