China Inn: Seneca SC

Tonight Hubby and I decided to have a date night. Date night for us normally means we're just going out to a decent dinner somewhere then we head home to watch movies together.

Tonight we chose to go to our favorite Chinese restaurant, China Inn. This has always been my favorite Chinese restaurant mostly because it's a more authentic setting, and the food is awesome. Before we headed out tonight I looked all over the place for a menu so I could already know what I wanted, but I couldn't find mine anywhere. They don't have a website, so I reminded myself to pickup another takeout menu to scan. I did find tons of the typical local restaurant review type sites that give China Inn great ratings, but I noticed I couldn't find many reviews of the restaurant at all.

So, while we were eating dinner I decided I just had to write about the super awesome China Inn. China Inn is located in Seneca, SC, and honestly if you're looking for Chinese in the area this is the best you're going to find.

The prices are a little more expensive than most Chinese restaurants in the area, but the atmosphere and food makes it well worth it. Most dinner plates range from $5-13, and the portions are enormous. A couple can split a meal and still have plenty left over, and there are no extra costs for sharing a dish. There is also a smaller portioned lunch menu and special combination box lunch carry out menu served 11:30am-2:30pm. Items on this menu range in price from $4.55-5.95 and all combination box lunches include fried rice and an egg roll. There is also a Healthy Delights section consisting of steamed meats and veggies prepared with no oil, salt, sugar, or starch.

The Szechuan, Cantonese, and Hunan Cuisine composes a nice size menu, and no MSG is used in the food preparation. All dishes are prepared fresh to order, so you have to option to substitute or leave something out of the food. Most Chinese restaurants in this area serve canteen style pre-prepared dishes, so that isn't an option.

The restaurant is also a very cozy and quiet environment which is more upscale than more other Chinese restaurants in the area. The service is always great, and the staff is extremely friendly. The dining room isn't huge, but it's large enough that couples looking for a quiet dinner and families full of children can find themselves eating together without disturbing each other. The staff is also great about seating noisier diners and families with children away from couples or adult only groups.

So what did we have for dinner tonight? Hubby started with a Beef Teriyaki skewers appetizer followed by the Sesame Chicken with fried rice. I started with an egg roll and chose Beef With Cashew nuts for my main course. Of course neither of us could finish even half of our meals as the portions are always so large.

Prices For Our Order:

Beef Teriyaki Appetizer (6 skewers) $4.25
Vegetable Egg Roll $1.40
Sesame Chicken with rice $8.50
Beef With Cashew Nuts $7.75

With 2 teas and taxes our entire bill came to $26.05. We definitely got our money's worth as we brought home two huge takeout plates. I have enough for 2-3 more meals, and after eating again later in the evening Hubby still has enough left over for another full meal. Now you may be saying maybe they just don't eat a whole lot, but keep in mind I'm feeding a 270lb man that normally eats enough for 2 people! If there were a club for people who are bottomless pits he'd have a lifetime membership card!

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