Comment Policy

I already have a policy on all my blogs that I will not approve comments that are anonymous.

Please keep your comments on topic with the post.

Harassing, threatening, or spam comments will never be approved.

I will no longer be approving Anonymous comments, and I reserve the right to delete any comments based on my own discretion.
Seriously though how hard is it to read my comment policy? I think I'm going to have to rewrite my comment policy to make sure people understand this because in the last few days I've received a ton of anonymous comments. Some of them are junk, but some of them are comments I definitely would have published if the commenter had provided information.

The whole reason I choose to not allow anonymous comments is because I think it makes everything look spammy. If you have a legitimate comment there is no reason why you can't provide a name to go along with it. I don't require you to provide your website or email address, and all these anonymous comments shows me exactly how many people don't read the comment policy.

I wish Blogger would allow a popup box or something that you have to read and click to be able to leave a comment proving you read the comment policy. That would also cut down on the tons of spam comments I receive on this blog daily. I'm hit with more spam on my blogger blogs than I am my Wordpress ones! I login to my email everyday to see comment approvals for ads for Arizona auto insurance, diet pills, oh and all the tons of spam comments that are just gibberish linked to non-existent sites. It's getting old.

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