Stocking Up

I'm trying to make a list of the things I need to stock up on and/or replace within the next few months. Every few months I make a huge list, then I try to save up the cash I'm going to need and do it all at once by taking a trip to a discount store. Sometimes I'll hit up Sam's Club with a friend or family member who has a card, other times I'll make a big trip to Big Lots. It just all depends on what I'm needing and who has it for the cheapest price.

I don't add anything to the list that's just a want. Like Hubby might want to try Fenterdren, and he might want a new Playstation 3, but those items aren't things we need. If I go to the store once every few months with a huge list of the things we need I end up spending less and buying less junk. I buy just the things on my list, and I leave the wants for another time after we have everything we need.

My list this month has gotten to be pretty large. I need to replace lots of things like towels and sheets that are ripped and/or too dingy to use anymore as well as a lot of clothing. Hubby and I just went through all of our clothes and donated everything that doesn't fit anymore while tossing the stuff that should be considered trash now. We both ended up with a very small wardrobe for the warmer months.

I also need to stock up on the necessities like toilet paper, paper towels, and other goods we use daily that can be bought in bulk. I really do save money buying these things in larger bulk supplies and storing them. The same goes for things like Bubba's medications that are shelf stable for at least a year, food products that are the same way, etc.

I've noticed a huge amount of savings since I've started buying in bulk and storing things, and it really has allowed us to not only have more cash throughout the year for things we want but it's helped a lot during those weeks when Hubby may have to miss a few days of work due to weather (like now). I don't have a freak out session anymore wondering how we're going to buy groceries or things like that because I already have essentials on hand at all times.

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