Canvas On Demand: Great Service Again!

Yet again I've had another great experience ordering from Canvas On Demand. I had planned on ordering a canvas for my Grandparents for Christmas, but because of financial issues I wasn't able to do so. Instead I gave them a gift box of little odds and ends that will be useful to them, and I didn't mention I was planning to purchase the canvas.

As soon as I had our finances taken care of where I could afford to order the canvas, I did. On January 13th I ordered the 16x20 canvas first thing in the morning. According to the website the order should have shipped in 3-4 days. No problem. I figured I'd be able to give it to them at the beginning of next week.

I was extremely surprised to receive a shipping notice in my mailbox yesterday morning, January 15th, telling me my canvas had already shipped. I checked the Fedex tracking and found the canvas shipped on the afternoon of January 14th and was out for delivery! I received it around lunch time yesterday!

I totally was NOT expecting a 2 day turn around, and I'm extremely happy. Of course, as always, the canvas looks great! Here's a quick photo I snapped of it hanging on the wall before I wrapped it back up to gift.


My Grandma was also extremely surprised, and she did in fact cry when I gave it to her. It was something that she would have never expected, yet it's the perfect gift. She loved receiving the late Christmas present because it was totally a surprise that way. She figured on top of giving her the small gift basket I had chipped in a little with my Mom and sister for the luggage they bought for her. Nope, surprise!

I'm just so happy she loved it, and it turned out wonderful. My Grandparents are getting to an age where I worry about them all the time, and we all hope they'll live forever, but know they won't. Not only do they now have a beautiful canvas to enjoy together, but it's something that can be passed through the family for generations to come.

As usual Canvas On Demand went out of their way to thank us for our business as well. I had purchased the canvas with a $25 off coupon I received around Christmas time, and this canvas came with 5 more $25 off coupons tucked inside. Now I can order the two other canvases I want of my entire family and my Mom, sister, and I without breaking the bank.


Connie said...

That sure does look good. If I could only choose a photo I'd use them. Maybe one of them from my dd's wedding will be good.

Jenn said...

Oh that would be such a great gift for her! *Hint Hint* esp. if it was a mother/daughter shot ;-).

I have the one of Ben & I on our wedding day, but I would love to order one of just me...ya know the typical bride shot.

I know I'll be ordering tons more from them. If I were rich I'd probably be ordering 10 or 20 different ones at once!