Turbie Towel

We've probably all seen "As Seen On TV" type products that we're curious about but afraid they'll fall apart in a month. After all, most of those products totally suck. I've got a couple as seen on tv products that were actually worth buying, but most of them are cheap crappy products that either break in a month or never worked at all. If you do happen to find a good one, most likely you're going to pay more in shipping than the cost of the actual product, so most of the time it's not worth it.

So when I opened my Christmas presents from my aunt this year and found two Turbie Twists I felt like rolling my eyes. I've seen the commercials a thousand times, and I always figured the product the always overly upbeat women that make me want to puke were selling was a piece of junk. I figured I'd be tossing the things after one use.

Boy was I wrong.

Ok I admit the Turbie Twist isn't exactly something I would have spent my own money on. It's basically a towel that's been cut and sewn to just the right size for hair, and then an elastic band was added. A regular towel on my wet head is fine, but I was presently surprised to find I actually liked the Turbie Twist.

First of all you don't have all that extra towel to contend with when wrapping your hair up. I have rather long hair right now, and it's really thick, but I still ended up normally having a ton of extra towel weighing down my head. The Turbie Twist is lightweight, and I can almost forget I'm even wearing it.

Also I do love the elastic band. When wearing a regular towel I've always had to remove it while getting dressed, and then twist it back up after I put my shirt on if I wasn't ready to dry my hair yet. Then half the time a regular towel keeps coming undone no matter how tight I wrap it, so I'm constantly taking it down and redoing it. The Turbie Twist stayed in place no matter what I was doing!

Most of all I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Turbie Twist does live up to the claim that it is way more absorbant than a normal towel. Normally my hair will still be soaking wet when I remove the towel to dry it, but with the Turbie Twist I'm not dealing with dripping wet hair. It really does soak up a lot of the excess water making my blow dry much quicker.

This is one as seen on tv product that definitely surprised me, and I found myself wanting to order a few more in different colors. These are going to be great when I deep condition my hair, or on lazy days when I just don't feel like doing anything to my hair right after I get out of the shower.

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