Need A New Laptop

While I'm figuring out my budget for the next few months I think it's time to figure in a new work laptop. My current one is an older Toshiba Satellite that I love, but I think I've just about ran it into the ground. I've dropped it, beaten it, trashed it, and put it back together too many times to count. I've soldered replacement parts and fixed the motherboard until there's just no use in fixing it anymore. Besides, do you know how much of a pain it is to strip a laptop apart just to solder 1 little connection?

Yeah it's definitely time for a new laptop, so I really need to start searching for one. If Hubby and I happen to receive a tax refund this year I'll use that to buy a new one, although I doubt we'll get a refund. I'm self employed, and Hubby is considered self employed for half of his income, so we're lucky if we don't end up having to pay in. We were really lucky last year. After all our deductions we ended up having to pay in $2 less than our state refund, so the state check covered our federal. This year we have more deductions, but we also both have to factor in more income. Oh well, if we don't have a tax refund to use I'll just have to budget it in. Luckily it will be a work only laptop, so it will also be a write off for next year.

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