What's With All The Cleaning?

Did someone spike my tea with Lipovox? I feel like something must have happened because I've had all this get up and get stuff done energy all weekend. That is so not like me!

Friday I got on this cleaning kick where I just had to scrub the kitchen spotless. I was on like some Spring cleaning binge...only I'm not that big on Spring cleaning, especially in the Fall! Saturday I kicked Hubby's butt in gear, and I had his best friend come over to help him clean out a bunch of junk. By the time they were done my house was minus 2 rooms full of junk and I was $30 richer.

Today I planned to be lazy all day. I figured we'd done enough cleaning in 2 days to last a year, but apparently my mind had other plans. I tried to be lazy, but I was so restless I couldn't. I tried to watch a movie, but I found myself wandering into the bathroom to scrub it. I tried to do some blogging, but I found myself slipping into the guest room to throw more junk in Goodwill boxes. I finally told Hubby I had to get out of the house before I went stir crazy. A couple hours later when I got home I thought I'd sit down and blog, but I ended up doing laundry I'd set aside for tomorrow, and then I rearranged my freakin' cabinets.

WTF is wrong with me? Did I get abducted by aliens and replaced with someone who actually likes to clean?

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