She Thinks It's Evil

Why is it my mother freaks out over everything? She called me earlier wanting me to look up a phone number for her because she couldn't find her phone book. She refuses to own a computer because she thinks the internet is the devil, but the second she wants to know something she calls wanting me to use the "evil internet" to look it up. LMAO!

When she called tonight I wasn't at home, so I told her to call the toll free 411 service. 1-800-free-411. I live by it when I'm not at home to just look up a number myself. There's no way I'm paying $2.99 a call to use 411 on my cell phone.

She freaked out and told me there was no way it could be free. I assured her not only do I use it all the time, but just about everyone else I know does, too. According to her, Nooooo. There's no way it could be free. There must be a catch! It's probably one of those Nigerian scams out to trick her into giving them access to her phone line so they can charge her phone bill $500.

I finally gave up on trying to convince her the entire world isn't out to get her, and I three way called 1-800-free-411 for her.

I swear that woman thinks everything is evil.

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