Almost Finished Shopping

With 3 shopping days left I've finally just about finished all my Christmas shopping. I can't say I'm completely done because I do have to pick up a couple more gifts, but I know what I'm getting and where to get them. I just have to kick my butt in gear tomorrow and head to the store. I search around to find which store would give me the best buy for my money, and luckily I have to get them at The Tractor Supply store, so I seriously doubt that place will be crowded. *knocks on wooden desk before I jinx myself!*

I've been so ready to get Christmas over with. This year it seems like it's been such a hassle to even get into the Christmas spirit, but then I remember what Christmas is all about. That puts me in a better mood, and I get back to preparing for Christmas again.

Unfortunately we had a big problem come up with our water drain line at the house, so instead of Hubby and I spending a nice evening tomorrow baking and wrapping presents it looks like we'll be trying to fix our drain line or find a professional who can do it in our price range. Ugh. Doesn't something always have to go wrong?

Thank goodness I'm not having a Christmas party this year. At least if I can make it through Christmas all I have to worry about is my New Year's party.

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