Not My Week

This has totally not been my week at all. Then again I've talked to so many people who've said this week has been an absolute disaster. I've been around, but I haven't had much chance to get online because my internet has not wanted to cooperate.

It's up and down, the signal spikes, I get kicked offline again. Unless it's really early in the morning or really late at night there's really no use in my trying to use it until Charter gets out here on Tuesday to fix it again. Yep, I called last Monday and this Tuesday is the earliest appointment they could give me.

It's cooperating with me this morning, so the first thing I did was switch my Utterli account to auto post here. That way I can still blog!

Times like this I'm so glad I've kept this blog on Blogger. My self-hosted wordpress blog has been down all week due to a server issue, and it's driving me insane.

Anywho, I'm pretty sure I'll be blogging this morning considering we have a 2 hour ride downstate to a Noon wedding. We've got to be out of here by 10am, so I better get a move on. I know it's only 6:15am, but I've still got so much to do.

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