A Beautiful Wedding

We had such a great time yesterday. The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and the happy couple were just gorgeous beaming from ear to ear. We made the drive downstate for the wedding, and we didn't plan to stay more than an hour at the reception, but things didn't happen that way. All of Hubby's New Jersey and Florida family came, so the reception turned into a huge family reunion. The out of town family stayed in the same hotel where the reception was held, so after the reception ended at 4pm we all went back to the hotel to hang out. We didn't head for home until 7pm.

I do have lots of photos, but I will have to edit most of them. It was a Catholic wedding, and that particular church wouldn't allow photography inside. We couldn't take photos until we got to the reception, and the lighting was horribly dim. My mother-in-law's camera batteries died shortly after she began shooting, so I turned my little point and shoot over to her. She was able to get great shots, but the lighting was so horrible my little camera couldn't cope. The flash on my camera is horrible, so almost all of the photos came out way too dark to be any good.

I do have a few great ones of the bride & groom though. They still need some tweaking, but they turned out pretty well considering my crappy camera.

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