180s Gorgonz Basic Fleece™ Ear Warmers

Hubby works outdoors 95% of the year, and he has to bundle up really well in the winter. Last year we invested I don't even know how much in ear muffs that he couldn't keep on his head because of his hard hat, beanies, and scarves.

The ear muffs don't work because they don't allow his hard hat to sit all the way down on his head. Scarves get in the way, and he had one get caught up in a saw, and the beanies are great, but they just don't cover his ears. I bought him a couple balaclavas, but those didn't work either. He wears glasses, and the balaclavas cause his glasses to fog up. That's not good when you're 3 stories high on top of an icy roof!

I've been looking for a solution, and a guy he works with showed up with a pair of behind the head ear muffs. They worked great because they don't get in the way of the hard hats, but the pair this guy had were cheap and didn't do much protecting. They broke in less than a week. That made me set out on a mission to find some good ones, and I immediately thought of 180 brand because I've seen their around the head ear muffs in an LL Bean catalog.

I checked out 180s website, and saw that they also produce the Gorgonz brand! Hubby knows all about Gorgonz. He lives by their winter pro gloves! I decided to spend $19.99 to order him a pair of the black Gorgonz Basic Fleece™ Ear Warmers. I decided if they didn't work for him I'd just use them for myself, but to my surprise he absolutely loves them!

He hasn't had any problems with them getting in his way, and even when the high temp for the day was in the low 40s last week he said his ears never got even the least bit chilly. My father in law tried them out and immediately asked me to order him a pair, so I went ahead and ordered two more pair, one for him and one for my dad to use on his late night 2 hour security walks in the dead of winter.

The design is absolutely great. These are a one size fits all that adjusts to your head size. Normally we have a hard time finding something that will adjust small enough to fit me and large enough to fit Hubby's head in the same product, but we both can adjust these to the perfect size with some room to spare on each end of the size spectrum. The material used isn't cheap at all, and they feel really sturdy. When I pulled them out of the package I was afraid they wouldn't last long. Hubby is rough on everything, but they adjust with ease, and I don't have to worry about him breaking them.

We all love these so much I've decided to buy myself a pair of the women's ear warmers from 180! I really love the Chalet Knits, but I think I'm going to buy myself a pair of the Storm with Headphones. Those will be awesome because my headphones will be built right in instead of having to shove my ear buds in my ears.

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