Apple Cinnamon Hand-Dipped Incense

Tonight I'm sitting here smelling the wonderful aroma of Apple & Cinnamon drifting through the house. I burned 1 stick of Apple Cinnamon hand-dipped charcoal incense from Crafty Steph over 2 hours ago, and I can still smell the wonderful blend drifting through the house.

I placed the stick on my dining room because it is the very center room of my house. I wanted to time how long the stick burned, how long the scent throw lasted after the stick was gone, and how far the throw reached. I've burned quite a few of Crafty Steph's incense sticks, but I normally burn them during the day in my office. I keep the door shut, so the smell isn't getting a chance to drift through the house.

With this little experiment I was extremely surprised. I didn't get to time how long the stick burnt because honestly I forgot about it. I know I lit the stick at 9:30pm, then I headed into my office to get some work done. I just popped my head out for a snack at 1am, and that's when I was hit with that wonderful smell. I walked throughout the house, and I could smell it in every room except the bedroom and bathroom, and of course my office, but the door was closed.

These sticks give off an awesome amount of aroma that lingers and lasts, yet fresh out of the package they are NOT a strong smelling stick. Hubby often complains when I purchase incense because he doesn't like the smell they give off when they are stored. He complains everything in a room will smell like the sticks. This time he is loving the Crafty Steph incense. I've got 17 packs of incense stored in metal containers in a drawer in the dining room, and he admits he can't smell them at all.

He also agrees that he loves how clean these smell. When burning one of these sticks all you smell is the pure scent. There is no wood burning smell that you get with cheap punk type sticks. These are high quality charcoal sticks that do not give off that wood burning smell.

Seriously, if you love incense you should check out Crafty Steph's hand-dipped incense. I've fallen in love. At $1.75 for a 20 pack of high quality charcoal hand-dipped incense, you just can't go wrong!

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