A Talking Watch For Grandpa

I had such a hard time every year coming with with a Christmas gift for my Grandpa, but this year I think I've finally found the perfect gift. Check out these talking watches! He could totally use that! Papa has to wear a watch without all times, but he has a hard time reading the small little numbers on the watch. He's always holding his arm out and asking one of us to read him the time.

Papa has Grandfather clocks all through the house, and he loves them because he knows what time it is when he hears one of them go off. I think he'd really love a talking watch because not only do they tell you what time it is at the push of a button, but they also can be setup to chime every hour.

I found one that looks just like the watch he wears right now, and it's only $60. We normally have a $15-20 limit on gifts, but I think I might be able to convince my sister or my little cousin to split the present. If not, I can always just accidentally on purpose forget how much it cost me!

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