Playing The Stock Market

Hubby came running in from work today so excited to talk to me about what he learned at work today. It didn't take but about 30 seconds for me to burst his bubble. He came in talking about how his boss is taking a course on the stock marketing and learning to trade. He was throwing out all this info about about stock brokers, futures broker, day trading, value investing, and the list goes on. Poor guy didn't have a clue what he was rambling about, but he was rambling away.

That's when I burst his bubble. I said #1 you're the guy who refuses to put any money in the bank unless it's absolutely necessary. We deposit exactly what we need to pay bills and keep our account open. How is someone who hates banks so much going to like the stock market? #2 You absolutely hate dealing with money. I manage our finances because you can't handle them.

Of course I hurt his feelings, but I was just being honest. In the end we settled on an agreement we can both live with. I promised to set him up an account with one of the online mock investing games. If he can make a profit in the game after 6 months to a year I'll think about investing. He never took any kind of government and econ or any classes in school that deal with any type of investing situations. That's another reason he can't handle money and budgeting. As of right now, he needs to learn about it before he goes jumping in with money we don't have...especially with the market crashing like it is.

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