Possibility of Lasik

What are your thoughts on Lasik? I'd really like to hear your story if you or someone you know has had Lasik done.

Hubby and I have discussed it before, and now we're discussing the option again because even though he was doubtful about it at first, he's decided he thinks the surgery might be a good option. Of course it's not something we can afford to do right now, but it's definitely something I'd be willing to save money for.

We already know he qualifies as a candidate, and we discussed the surgery last year. At that time he just didn't want to go through with it though because he was kind of scared of it. He's worn glasses since he was 6 years old. He's nearsighted and has a very bad case of astigmatism. Without his glasses, he's basically blind. I think what scared him the first time we discussed it was the list of possible side effects.

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