Back On No Buy

I'm officially on a no buy again thanks to the gas shortage/prices. We're having a hard enough time paying bills right now, so of course I'm not going to run out and buy stuff. I do however still have a big box of bath & body products that are just waiting to be reviewed. I just need to kick my butt in gear getting pictures taken and reviews written up.

I even have some reviews written up almost ready to go, I just don't have photos of those products any longer. I had a huge folder of product folders that up and disappeared. I'll have to blame Hubby for that one seeing as how I know I didn't delete them. A lot of those were promotional items I was given for free to try out, and I decided to go ahead and write about which ones I liked or didn't like. I'm sure I can shoot a few emails off to some of the e-tailers for permission to use some of their photos. I'll start on that tomorrow, and hopefully I'll have some new reviews up soon.

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