Another Window Shopping Night

As usual I can't sleep so I'm doing what I do best. I'm killing time by working and window shopping online. Who says I can't multitask? I've been tinkering with a laptop that was dropped off to me earlier this evening. I don't have to have it ready for him 'til Monday since he'll be out of town all weekend, but my insomnia tonight means it done.

I didn't have too much to do to it. He just needed someone to install ram for him because he was afraid he'd mess it up himself. I did what I always do, and I went ahead and did a full system clean up for him as well. Most of my customers get that glassed over wtf are you talking about look when I start throwing out instructions for clearing temp files and stuff. I gave him a couple programs that are easy to use, and I'll explain how to use them when he shows up to pick the thing up.

Now I'm running scans on my own computer while I window shop. I'm mainly looking at clothes and things for my house. What sucks is all the clothes that catch my eye are summery type things. The 45 degree temps tonight tell me I need to hurry up and buy some new cold weather stuff before the cold weather really does hit.

Luckily Christmas is around the corner, and my Mom and Grandma always load me down with tons of clothes for Christmas. Granted, most of the time the stuff is so gawdy and 80 year old woman wouldn't want to wear it, and most of it doesn't fit, but I don't mind standing in line to return it for something I'll actually wear. It's just getting me off my butt and to the store that's the issue.

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