Thinking About Roadside Assistance

I'm sitting here paying bills, and I just thought of something.

Tuesday night we had a flat tire. We pulled over in a church parking lot, and we were stuck changing the tire during the middle of a thunderstorm. Unfortunately the standard jack that comes with the Blazer was the only jack we had with us, and it collapsed underneath the truck causing the rear rotor to smack the ground. Hubby had just got the tire off when it collapsed. Luckily nothing was damaged, but we did have to call someone to bring us a floor jack so we could get out of the storm and home. We were only 2 miles from our house when the tire blew.

I started thinking about how lucky we are that it happened this week because that tire had been plugged. The plug popped out of it when we rolled up to a stop sign. What if the tire had held, and it had decided to blow on our way to the beach next week? If the same events took place, we would be stuck in the middle of nowhere far from home with no help.

I decided I need to look up our auto insurance online and see if I can add roadside assistance to our policy. We do have full coverage, but roadside assistance is an optional feature that we don't have. I wonder if I add the service if it'll kick in automatically or if there will be a wait period. Hmm. It's definitely worth checking out...doncha think?

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Lisa said...

Roadside assistance is a lifesaver. I have it through my cell phone carrier (Sprint) and I've used it quite a few times. From blowouts to locked keys in the cars, I haven't had to pay for anything other than the $4 a month to my cell company!