Shopping For Cell Phones

Yay, I get to do some shopping this morning. Too bad it's not for me. My father-in-law's cell phone is giving him problems. His battery isn't sitting correctly in his phone anymore. I ordered him a new battery last week hoping that'd fix the problem, but it didn't. It looks like the contact points inside the phone have worn down, so the battery moves around, and his phone shuts off on him.

It's a cheap little of the cheapest camera phones you can get, and he doesn't have insurance on it. He figures it'd be cheaper to buy himself a newer better phone than to pay the $50 deductible on this cheap crappy phone. I'm his go to girl for all electronic purchases, so I get to spend some time this morning looking at unlocked cell phones.

I have to keep in mind the man doesn't know much about phones. He wants something simple. Turn it on, dial the number, make a call. He doesn't need anything fancy, but he did fall in love with having a camera on his phone. He basically thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread, and he's only had a camera phone for about 2 months. What can I say? He's behind the times.

He showed me a couple phones he likes, but I'll have to see if I can find them in an unlocked cdma version. Both phones he picked out were through a carrier that still uses GSM. All I know is I have to get him something quickly because they use their phones on a daily basis at work. This morning I stuck my old LG 9800 on his line so he'd have some type of working phone, but he looks at the phone like it's evil. He thinks it has too many buttons, and the fact that it flips open with a big screen is scary to him. lol!

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