Order It For Me

I might as well start calling all my family members each week to see if there's anything anyone needs me to order online. I called my father-in-law to tell him I think I found a replacement phone, and he started asking me if I could order this and that.

Most of my family members are clueless when it comes to the internet. My 40 year old aunt just got her first computer. It's a 4 year old laptop, and it took me days just to show her how to turn it on and shut it down properly. Then she ran out and bought an all in one printer. You can only imagine what it took to show her how to scan a photo and print a copy. We haven't even gotten to the internet yet.

She's what I call a QVC-aholic because she orders from QVC on a weekly basis. You can imagine her reaction when she found out they have a website! lol For now I've told her I'll order anything she needs until she learns how, so there's 2 people on my to order for list.

Then I've got my Grandma on my dad's side. She owns a computer, but she doesn't know how to turn it on. She bought it, had me set it up on the desk for her, and never touched it. She's been using a mail order company for medical supplies & personal products that she doesn't want to buy in a public store like adult diapers, but she thinks the mail order company charges too much. She's always asking me to order stuff online.

Maybe I should type up an order form and hand them out to my family members. It could have a place to list things they want to buy, price they're willing to pay, and the date they need it buy. Hmmm if they're weren't family I'd even charge a little fee for ordering the stuff lol.

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