The Sea Cow Eatery On Edisto Island

While on our trip we were of course in search of great food. On Sunday morning we took off in search of an early breakfast, and we ended up stopping at the only restaurant on the island that was open that early. Man am I glad we stopped there.

The restaurant is called The Sea Cow Eatery. It's a little mom and pop type restaurant that was absolutely wonderful. It was so great we ended up going back 2 more times to eat again.

Sunday morning we had a little wait for breakfast because the place was packed, but we were still in and out in a timely manor. We didn't care though. We were on island time, and we weren't in a rush. Our server was very courteous, and she stayed on top of us even though she was serving an entire packed out restaurant. We ate outside on the screened in porch to avoid the Lovebugs that are swarming this time of year.

I ordered 2 scrambled eggs with bacon, grits, and a biscuit. Hubby ordered a 2 egg bacon omelet with grits and toast. We had so much food we couldn't finish it all, and all of it was delicious. The grits were some of the creamiest I've ever had, and the tea was absolutely the best sweet tea I've ever tasted. That's saying a lot coming from a southern girl who drinks sweet tea as an everything staple. We made sure to request to go cups of tea before leaving for another beach walk.

Sunday afternoon a few friends rode up from Beaufort to spend the afternoon with us, so we decided to return to the Sea Cow for a late lunch. I had scoped out the lunch menu and was dying to try the Shrimp Salad Roll, sauteed seasoned shrimp with lemon & dill rolled in a tortilla. Hubby had Chicken Tenders, one of our friends chose the Philly Cheese while the other opted for The Cow With Cheese. All plates came with beer battered fries and Minnesota Cole Slaw. We also ordered two side orders of cheesy fries, which were not only delicious but absolutely huge. The 4 of us couldn't finish them.

My Shrimp Salad Roll was wonderful. It was perfectly seasoned, and yet again so large I couldn't finish it. Hubby doesn't normally eat shrimp, but once I was full he picked the shrimp out of what was left of my roll. He finished his plate of chicken tenders and said they were some of the best he's had. None of us cared too much for the cole slaw, but I'm extremely picky about slaw. I only like it made a certain way, and this just wasn't it. The beer battered fries were great, too. All veggies on our plates were also from locally grown produce which scored big points with me. Even though we were all stuffed I couldn't keep my eyes off the dessert menu. I spotted the Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake when we walked in the door, and I had to have a slice for later. That was some of the best cheesecake I've ever had! Hubby opted for one of the chocolate chip cookies. The cookies were so large they were more like a small pizza, and he had trouble finishing it.

We ate another wonderful Sea Cow breakfast Monday morning, but this time I opted for something smaller knowing I couldn't finish the plate. I chose a bagel with cream cheese, and it was one of the largest bagels I've ever seen. My bagel was sliced in half and served with a slab of cream cheese in the middle. I absolutely go overboard on the cream cheese, and I had plenty. I could have picked up the bagel and eaten it as a sandwich if I had liked. Hubby opted for 2 scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, and toast which he forced himself to finish.

We had wanted to return Monday evening to try the dinner menu, but we decided to save it for our next trip. We wanted to try out some of the other restaurants on the island, so I'll have to check out the shrimp and grits on our next visit. I'm sure they'll be great just like everything else, and we will definitely be returning to this restaurant on each and every Edisto vacation we take. Now I just need some diet pills to help me counteract all this wonderful food I ate!

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