Back From The Beach

Good afternoon! Wow, what a great weekend we had! I really needed that quick getaway to the beach because now I'm back to running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. We did have an absolutely wonderful time this weekend, although when I saw myself in a swimsuit I was wishing I had taken a little more time to lose weight before our trip. Thankfully there weren't any photos of me.

The beach was totally beautiful as always, and there were only a handful of people out there at any given time. I got up at the crack of dawn every morning to search for shells while it was low tide, and boy did I rack up on some pretty conchs. Even though it was cloudy, the sunrises were still beautiful.

Bubba really enjoyed the beach, and I can't wait to take him back again. We took him out at low tide because at high tide he wanted to attack the waves and drink the salt water. He drank a little the first time we took him out and puked on the beach, so we made sure he didn't have a chance to drink anymore. He still had a lot of fun, and he loved rolling in the sand.

He did great all weekend, and I'll definitely take him back again.

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