Packing It Up

I never realize how much junk I have until I try to pack for a trip. I didn't realize how crappy some of Hubby's clothes have gotten. I went to pull out his "nice" shirts only to realize most of them have been turned into work shirts. His best pair of jeans don't even fit him anymore, and his swim trunks look all raggedy.

Of course I discover all of this on Thursday night when I need to be packed completely by tomorrow afternoon so Hubby can load the Blazer up when he gets home. No wonder my acne treatment doesn't seem to be working right now. I'm so stressed out new pimples pop up as the old ones start to disappear.

I ran out and bought Hubby a new pair of shorts tonight and a new pair of tennis shoes. He's worn a hole almost through the bottom of one of his shoes, and of course the man hasn't mentioned it to me. You'd think I'm married to a bum! I searched all over the place for a new pair of swim trunks, but I can't even find any left on the clearance racks. I figured at least one store would have some summer stuff out in the corner or something marked down, but no. The only thing I'm finding on clearance racks are ugly t-shirts. It looks like he's just going to have to deal with his old swim shorts, or I'll have to break down and give Walmart a try as much as I don't want to.

No matter what we're out of here bright and early Saturday morning. If he doesn't want to help me pack, then he's just going to have to wear whatever the heck I can find that doesn't have a hole in it no matter how ugly it is!

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