Purchasing Medications Online Safely

I went to the orthopedic doctor with my Grandma this morning, and when we stopped to pick up her prescription I was floored. She was prescribed an arthritis cream for her knee that is over $100 a tube. A tube is supposed to last her about a week, and yes that is the generic version.

Prices like that cause a lot of people to turn to online pharmacies because they can't afford the prices at their local brick and mortar. It's no secret that prescriptions can be found online for a lot less, but how do you know what you're getting is the real deal and not some counterfeit medication sold at a much lower price?

We all know there are a ton of Canadian Pharmacies online, but did you know there's any such thing as the Canadian Pharmacy Escrow Service? It's a service that helps insure that you not only receive the best price for your medications, but they also make sure you're receiving exactly what you need instead of some fake ripoff version.

The escrow service isn't a pharmacy, but they work with fully licensed pharmacies to save you money by forcing the pharmacies to compete for your business. That means you could save anywhere from 40-90% off your medications while at the same time knowing you're getting a product that is genuine, not some fake.

I may just have to mention this to my Grandma. There's no way she should be paying $100 for 1 tube of generic brand cream if we can get it online for much cheaper. Medication prices shouldn't be this high.

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