Missing The Show

Why is it whenever I have the time and money to go to concerts nothing I want to see is coming to my area, but the minute I make plans for something else the show I want to see arrives?

A few weeks ago Hubby and I were discussing how much we'd like to go see Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew Live when the show came to our area. Why? We were both glued to the tv during the first season watching the JabbaWockeeZ, and we really want to see them live. I started checking tour dates, but I eventually gave up because I wasn't finding any shows anywhere near us. Then we made plans for the beach, and I stopped checking because I knew we wouldn't have cash to spend anytime soon.

Then this morning I received an Eventful.com newsletter showcasing stuff that's happening in my area. Of course one of the main events listed is the Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew Live. I immediately clicked through to see where and the dates...September 21 at Littlejohn Coliseum 20 minutes away from my house. Crap! I'll be at the beach!

Oh well. I know I can't have both. I did see that Steve Miller Band is going to be at Littlejohn on October 22, so I might just have to convince Hubby to do that. If he doesn't want to go with me I'll see if my mother-in-law wants to go. I know she enjoys Steve Miller Band as much as I do, and it'd be nice to spend some time hanging out with her. Yep, she's one cool hippie chick.

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