In Need Of A Vacuum

One thing I seriously need to buy is a vacuum cleaner. I don't have carpet in my house, so I've put off buying one. If I need one for something from time to time I'll borrow my mom's, but here lately I'm finding myself needing one more and more.

A few days ago I broke a hurricane glass in the kitchen. I had to borrow my mom's vacuum yet again because I swept 4 times and still saw glass all over the floor. I took her vacuum back to her last night, but as luck would have it I need it again. Alley knocked my one living plant off the counter, and there's a total mess to clean up. I've swept, but there's still dirt in cracks and crevices that I can't get to with the broom. I need to either borrow the vacuum again, or I can hit it with the toothbrush. I choose option A.

I do want to buy my own vacuum. I've got a ton of space bags that I'm not using just because I don't have a vac to suck the air out. I really like the Sebo vacuums I've been looking at, but I know I'll have to find something cheaper than that for now. Either that or I can wait until I can save up enough to get one of the Sebos.

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