Pregnancy, Sickness, and Weight Gain

I have a friend who just found out she's pregnant, and she's having a rough time. What tipped her off to being pregnant is how sick she's been getting because she's one of those women who was still having her period 8 weeks into the pregnancy.

She came over tonight to see if I would share some herbal tea with her. Her ob/gyn told her herbal tea is good for soothing her nausea as long as she's drinking something without any caffeine. I gladly shared a couple bags of herbal non caffeinated teas I have that are supposed to be good for nausea. I went ahead and made a couple cups, and we sat around talking about the baby, her pregnancy, stuff like that.

She loves that she's pregnant. She's been trying to have a baby for awhile, and she'd finally gotten to the point where she'd given up trying. She knew if it was meant to happen it would.

She admitted that there's one thing she's kind of upset about though. After she gave up on trying to get pregnant she decided to get back in shape. She dropped a lot of weight with exercise and diet pills. I think she said she was using Fenterdren, but I might be wrong.

Anywho, she finally got her body back into the shape that she wanted it, and then she finds out she's pregnant. I understand where she's coming from. A lot of women have issues over the weight they gain when they're pregnant, but she's going to keep herself healthy by exercising and doing Yoga while she's pregnant. Not only will it help her lose the baby weight faster, but staying healthy gives your baby a better chance at being healthy. I let her borrow my Yoga dvd for the rest of the week, and we've decided starting next week we're going to have our own personal Yoga class. It'll motivate us both to keep up with the exercises having a friend there to encourage each other.

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Natural said...

i never heard of that diet pill, i have used relacore and hydroxycut in the past. right now i'm going back into the and try it the old fashion way.

congrats to your friend. losing the weight had to be hard but now she's gaining for a blessing.