Baby Talk

We don't have any kids, but that doesn't mean I don't want any. I'm praying for the day that I get to be a mom, and I absolutely love looking at baby stuff. It makes me so happy when I hear a friend of ours is having a baby because that means there's going to be one more kid around for me to spoil.

It does make me a little sad that I'm not shopping for my own baby. There is so much baby stuff out there that I would love to be buying for us instead of as gifts. If I can't buy it right now I can at least make myself a wish list of baby stuff I'll want to buy when that day comes, right?

I've spent the last hour looking at strollers, and I never realized there are so many choices. Shapes and strollers have changed drastically from the old school ones I'm used to. As much as I would love to have a Bugaboo I know I'd either have to save up for one or hope Hubby's making a lot more money by then. I did find one I like better though for a much better price. I think I'd be opting for the Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System. It's at least $200 cheaper than all the Bugaboos, and it was rated #1 for safety by Consumer Reports.

Man, looking at all this baby stuff makes me want one. Dawn, I'm jealous! You have to let me babysit your bundle of joy on a regular basis!

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I am also praying for you.God gifted to you a beautiful baby Inshallah.