Homemade Espresso

My sister-in-law and I have talked about buying an espresso machine to share. We both would love to have one, but there's no way we can afford to buy two espresso machines right now. Besides, we typically only tend to drink any type of coffee when we're hanging out together for the night. We used to call them our "international coffee moments" because we'd sit around all night doing girlie things, talking, and drinking the International Flavored Coffee stuff.

These days we both prefer something that isn't in a pre-made powder form, and we would both love to be able to make our on cappuccinos and lattes at home when we're having a party.

I think I might show her the Nespresso capsule espresso machines. You can get one for around $180, and they use the Nespresso capsules. It's a relatively mess free way to make espresso, and the capsules don't cost that much either. It's a little under $6 for a box of 10. Considering how often we actually drink anything with espresso it's not too bad.

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