Crossing Off My List...DO NOT BUY

EWWWWW what's that smell? Is that really the same wax melt that smelled absolutely wonderful in the package? Yep that's it. Blue Raspberrytini from Old Virginia Candle Company.

Normally I absolutely love Old Virginia Candle Company's products. There's a specialty shop in town that carries just about every candle Old Virginia makes, and I stock up when I stop by. This time, I don't know if it was a bad batch or what, but I totally wish I hadn't bought 10 packs of the Blue Raspberrytini wax melts. They smell absolutely delicious in the package, but as soon as the first one started to melt it just didn't smell right. I crinkled up my nose (yep that same look I give my friends when they want to discuss diet pills because they think they're fat...they're far from it) and retreated to another room until the smell dispersed.

You do smell the Blue Raspberrytini fruity smell, but the warm throw is horrible. After letting it burn for over an hour I could barely smell the fruity mix 3 feet away from my tart burner. The rest of the room filled with a smell that I'd rather forget, though. It smelled like a mixture between hot wax and burning plastic. YUCK!

I'll probably be sticking the rest of these in cabinets and drawers to take advantage of the great cold throw, or I might just pawn them off on someone else. All I know is I will not be purchasing anymore wax melts from Old Virginia Candle Company. Then again it looks like I won't have to worry about it. I don't see them on the website at all. Oh wait, there are 2 gift sets that include wax melts.

If you're interested in Old Virginia Candle Company I suggest picking up a few of their Woodwick® Candles instead. The Cotton Flower smells absolutely divine.

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