Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries Mousse de Bain

What an absolutely decadent body mousse! Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries Mousse de Bain in Cafe Zazou scent (ingredients list here) was an immediate hit in our household.

This thick and creamy whipped bath mousse already has me regretting the fact that I just stocked up on a ton of shower gel. It feels so creamy and smooth, yet it produces plenty of lather. It left my sensitive skin feeling super soft, and I didn't even feel the need for lotion after my shower.

The Cafe Zazou scent made this mousse smell so wonderful I would have eaten it if I could have!

Incredible dark and smooth French roast coffee with whole milk and two sugar cubes, a piece of dark chocolate and a petit gateau sec au marrons. Café Zazou is the perfect response for a little afternoon rest in between visiting Monmartre and Le Centre Pompidou.

It was a hit with Hubby as well. I didn't tell him I had something new to try. I just hopped in the shower and started enjoying how wonderful this body mousse is. The wonderful started to drift through the house, and it didn't take long for Hubby to follow the scent to the bathroom where he had to know what smelled so great. For hours after my shower he kept telling me I smelled like a chocolate coffee dessert!

I definitely recommend this mousse to anyone who's looking to try a body mousse. One use and you'll be hooked! You can grab an 8oz screw top jar for $14.50, and there are many different scents to choose from or you can stick with the wonderful unscented cocoa and mango butter. I love it, and I definitely recommend the Cafe Zazou if you love coffee type scents.

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