Putting The Pool To Good Use

Who needs weight loss pills when you've got a swimming pool? Tonight I went to my in laws and spent some time relaxing in the pool with my little sister in law. Now they don't have a full size pool.
They bought an Intex Sand & Sun Pool. It's 13'x42", so it's not a full size pool. It's just enough for the kids to play in or for us to relax in.

I found another good use for it tonight though. After the sun went down sis-in-law and I jumped in. They filled it this morning, but the water was already super warm from it being so hot today. Hubby relaxed with us for a bit, but once he got tired of it he left plenty of extra room for us to hang out. Sis-in-law was a little hyper, so she kept wanting to splash me.

To get her to stop I suggested we "exercise". We spent a good 45 minutes working our legs by trying to run under water. I already know exercising in a pool can give you a great workout. It's also a great form of therapy. Man did we work our legs! Neither of us realized how tired we were until we stepped out of the pool. My legs were all wobbly!

I tried to convince Hubby to buy one of those little pools last year so we'd have something to relax in. Now I think I'm definitely going to pick one up. The pools hold up a lot better than I would think. Last year we had to fix it a couple times because sis-in-law and her friends would jump around a little too much causing the sides to lean in, but Hubby and his dad could set the thing straight again in about 5 minutes without having to drain it. It comes with a mini version of a pool pump, and it's fairly low maintenance. It's a great idea if you don't have the space or the cash for a full size pool...even an above ground model.

For people like us without kids who just want it for the relaxation it's a great thing. If we want to actually go swimming we'll drive 5 minutes to the lake.

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