Yes, I'm Still Here

I promise I didn't die. I'm still around! Whoever said darn better take that back!

I bought a few things last week that I really want to share with you, but there's one problem. My orders haven't arrived yet!

It's ok though. When I placed my orders with E.L.F. I knew not to expect them super quick. The shipping and processing times are really lame, but the products are well worth it. I mean come on everything is $1 each! Anywho, I promise to take some pics and share the products I purchased as soon as the order does finally arrive.

Until then I've got laundry to get back to. I've got clothes on the line, and another load in the washer ready to hang out. BTW, the home made laundry detergent works GREAT! I've never seen my clothes so clean!

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