Getting A New Bathroom

I've been making a list of stuff I want to do to our house. Since we rent (even though it's a family member's home) we have to get approval before we do something. I've been asking for 5 years now to let us add a half bathroom somewhere.

We've only got 1 bathroom in this house, and sometimes it can be a hassle. It would be very easy to add a small bathroom. The utility room shares a wall with the bathroom where the toilet and sink are located. All the plumbing is already in that shared wall. The utility room is fairly large, and we have room to pretty much cut it in half down the middle. There would still be a small room left between the back porch and kitchen, and we'd have an extra half bath.

We would probably even have room to add a small shower, but that's something we're not looking to do right now. We just need an extra toilet if you know what I mean. We've finally been given permission to add the half bath, so now it's time to design it. Hubby, master carpenter that he is, will be taking care of the build. Really he only has to build a new wall and add a door. There's already linoleum flooring, and there will even be a window in the bathroom. Other than that it's a matter of installing a new light fixture, plumbing, sink, and toilet.

I have the job of picking out what I want in the room. I've been looking at a few Kohler faucets that are gorgeous. I'll go for a cheap plain white toilet if I can have the sink setup I want. Now I just have to decide if I want a cabinet and sink, pedestal sink, or wall hung sink. I'm really leaning towards wall hung. I would love to have one of the vessel type sinks from Kohler, but most of them are a little too far out of my price range right now.

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