My Bath & Body Works Order

My Bath & Body Works order came in yesterday! I didn't get to open the box until tonight though. I had to take a shower right after I opened the box. I just couldn't resist the smell of the Coco Cabana shower gel. This is one of the classics I've never tried, and boy am I glad I bought it! I love it!

Bath & Body Works was having a sale so I ordered:

1 Coco Cabana Shower Gel ($4)
1 Black Raspberry Vanilla Creamy Body Wash ($3)
1 Sea Island Cotton Creamy Body Wash ($3)

I also ordered 2 Wallflowers starter kits. The one I had just quit working on me...I'm assuming it was just too gunked up.

So that part of the order:

1 Wallflowers Starter Kit Fresh Linen ($5)
1 Wallflowers Starter Kit Juicy Nectarine ($5)
1 Wallflowers Refills Cotton Blossom ($5)
1 Wallflowers Refills Mango Mandarin ($5)

My entire order was $41.80 after tax and shipping charges. Not bad I'd say. I could have saved a little more by shopping at the local store instead, but it's a very small store. They're always out of my favorite scents, especially during a huge sale. Overall I ended up saving $29.95 on things I would normally buy anyway. I didn't go out of my way to buy extra stuff I don't need. I just bought things that I would stock up on during a normal once every 3 months trip to Bath & Body Works.

If you've never tried the Wallflowers you should. I absolutely love them, and I'm not a fan of any of the normal plugin type air fresheners. I think most of them are extremely concentrated and way too strong. A lot of them give me headaches, but not the Wallflowers. They smell really nice, and they work. The smell isn't a heavy concentrated spot in front of the air freshener.

I placed the Juicy Nectarine behind the toilet. Not only did the smell drift throughout the bathroom, both bedrooms, and the living room; there isn't an overpowering concentrated area of smell around the toilet. It smells just like the rest of the house.

About 15 minutes ago I placed a Mango Mandarin in the dining room. I try to place complementing scents in the house at the same time, so you won't smell orange scents on one side of the house and something totally different on the other. I'll use the linen scents together when the time comes to pull out my refills. The packaging says one Wallflower will fill an entire room and last 6-8 weeks. I can place two in our 1500 sq ft home, and both will take care of the whole house for about 8 weeks.

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