Guess What!

Yesterday I told you about an awesome contest on Today's Gizmos. Well guess what. I won! I was one of 3 lucky winners, that is! Congrats to the other two winners also, Kat and Pixelhead!

I'm so happy right now! I've only won 1 other contest before, and that was when Christine gave away an awesome Amazon gift card. I think I'm as happy was my sister was when someone told her she could buy Phentermine without a prescription. Yeah she's put on some extra weight here lately, but I seriously don't think she needs that stuff. She's got some pretty serious health problems. Yep, I'm talking about my sister with Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease, and I just don't think she needs to be taking diet pills for her problems. Her weight gain is a medical problem because of her thyroid. It's not like she just gained all this extra weight all of a sudden for no reason.

Anywho, I'm rambling on when I really need to be getting myself to bed. Goodnight!

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