Couch Renewed!

My slipcover for my couch arrived just a few minutes ago, so of course I had to rip it out of the box and put it on! I'm not finished tweaking it yet, but so far it looks pretty freakin' good! It's a totally different couch!

The old couch:

Same old couch, new slipcover:

Seriously, would you even know my couch now has that old nasty flower print hidden underneath this new wonderful slipcover? Yes I need to do some adjusting to the slipcover still, especially around the cushions, but I was just too excited. I needed to take a picture now! As you can see Bubba's running around in the bottom of the photo trying to help me. He's carrying off the nasty old accent pillows that we won't be reusing. He's fallen in love with those pillows and carries them to where ever he wants to nap in the room.

The slipcover I ordered is the Stretch Stripe 2-piece T-cushion Sofa Slipcover from It's the same one I had picked out on Walmart, only I got it $40 cheaper! ($30 cheaper from Overstock plus a coupon that saved me $10) I ordered it around 6pm June 22, and it arrive today, June 25. That's fast enough for me. If I'd ordered from Walmart I'd be out $40, and I would probably still be wondering where the thing is!

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