We all know that the price of everything is going up. With gas prices being so high, the cost to deliver products goes up, and the price the consumer pays has to rise as well. It's a sick little cycle, and we have no way of breaking it.

It's just ridiculous how fast a price can change though. I don't buy most of my food in the grocery store. We buy Angel Food Ministries Boxes, and my dad and Grandpa are both farmers. This time of year we eat fresh food from the garden, and most of our meat supply comes from the Angel Food boxes, deer meat, beef from my dad's farm, and fish we catch throughout the year. We hardly ever actually buy food in the store.

Every two weeks I buy the essential stuff we need like toilet paper, laundry detergent, dish detergent, and a few cleaning supplies. Normally I buy the same items every two weeks, and it costs me right around $25 when items aren't on sale.

This week was different though. I bought the exact same items I always buy from the same grocery store. The only difference was I spent $2.50 on a pack of ink pens, and I spent $4 on some new Scrunchi hair bands. My total bill was $42.19!

Some people may not think roughly $10 more for their regular items is a lot, but it is for me. I already budget like crazy, and a lot of weeks I'm still pinching pennies. It's only been in the last year that we've been able to get away from living week to week on paychecks, but here I slowly seeing us heading back to that. The amount of gas we use each week has tripled since Hubby has to commute to work.

You makes me cherish the fact that we don't have to buy all our groceries each week. We don't have a family to feed right now, and we're not having to spend $150 on groceries each week on top of the gas we already spend. It makes me admire those single parents out there who are doing just that, raising families on minimum wage and still feeding their children, providing transportation, and keeping the bills paid so their family has a roof over their head.

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