Goodwill Finds

While I didn't have much time for shopping today, I was able to hit up Goodwill this morning. I ended up with some pretty nice finds, and I didn't spend much at all!

First I've been admiring the Chesapeake Hammock Stand from Pottery Barn, but I didn't want to spend that much cash on it.

I found a very similar hammock at Goodwill for $30, stand included! The hammock is in perfect condition. The stand just need to be sanded in a couple spots, and then hubby and I will stain it again. I can't beat a find like that!

I also picked up another crock pot for $7 since I'm always complaining that I need two, and I grabbed a new coffee maker to replace my broken one for $5. I'd say I came out really well. My mom was with me, so we used her senior discount, and I walked out of there with my goods for $35.70.

My mom found more wood blinds, enough for both her guest rooms, and she picked up 2 more teapots. She's a huge teapot collector, and I'd say she has at least 100 teapots now spread around the house in China cabinets.

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