Our Trip To Disney

Hubby and I were planning a trip to Florida in September. We never had a honeymoon, so for our wedding anniversary we decided to go to Disney World. Tonight we were talking about how lucky we are that we found a travel package that will allow us to cancel our plans and receive a refund if we find out we can't go. Of course we have to cancel at least 60 days before the trip if we want a full refund, but we're lucky to have that option.

Our trip isn't one of those luxury vacations by any means, but it's luxury enough for us. Neither one of us are about the flash. We both like simple things, and we travel the same way. We don't care about staying in some big fancy resort hotel. We're perfectly fine with camping. We don't need to dine out at some fancy 5 star restaurant every night. We'll track down the nearest McDonald's for the dollar menu.

All we care about is the opportunity to have fun and spend the time with each other. What more could you want?


Brianna Young said...

Amen to that! The world would be a much better place if people loved the simple things!

Connie said...

Just please don't cancel :=)

Jenn said...

I don't want to cancel. Just given our current situation we're covering all the angles, exploring all options we'll have!

I really want to make that trip to Florida! It's long overdue!