Budgeting And Planning

I was reminded this week of how easily all of the budgeting and planning I've done can simply go right out the window. Each week I sit down to work on our budget. We aren't exactly living paycheck to paycheck anymore, but I still like to make sure I have things planned in advance just in case something happens. I almost always plan out 2 or 3 different scenarios so I'll have backup plans. That way if we have an unexpected expense I can work things out.

This week didn't go as planned though. Why? With all the stuff I've been dealing with I completely forgot it was a holiday weekend. I forgot Hubby would have a short paycheck. That puts me in a little bit of a bind because he took a day off last week giving him 2 short paychecks in a row. It would have been ok if I'd planned for it, but I didn't.

Ugh. Now I've got to rework my whole budget again.

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