Seeing An Old Friend

One of my very best friends has known me forever. Our parents were friends, so we were thrown into the playroom together at a very young age. I honestly can't remember a time of my life when I didn't know her.

Now I hardly ever get to see her because she decided to go to flight attendant school. It was actually something we used to talk about as kids. We'd sit in our tree house making plans about the day we could fly around the world working as flight attendants. We thought it would be a great way to see the world...and meet boys!

Boy did things change. She did go off into a flight attendant career, but I chose another route. No longer do we see each other on a regular basis, but we do try to get together when she comes into town. She's home for Mother's Day, so we're going out to dinner tonight.

She still tries to convince me I need to become a flight attendant every time she sees me. She tells me about flight attendant schools and the flight attendant blog she reads, but it's just not me. I have a husband now, and hopefully in the not so distant future I'll have a family to go along with it. I'm settled in my own little world here, and I'm too comfortable to leave it.

You better believe if I were still that wondering teenager dreaming of flying from place to place and never looking back, I'd definitely be all over flight attendant school. Get paid to travel around the world seeing it's wonders? I'd definitely be in!

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